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For Sale: Denon D7000 & JVC DX1000

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For Sale:
Denon D7000 & JVC DX1000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is a pristine pair of Denon D7000s and JVC HP-DX1000s. Both come with original box and with original documentation. The only cosmetic issue is the water stain on the DX1000 box (pictures below) from a friend who rested a drink on the box. I am asking $543.21 for each or $876.59 for the pair. I will ship whatever method the buyer asks for (standard shipping...FedEX, USPS or UPS) and I will pay shipping.


The reason for selling is these are headphones I got early in my hobby and I no longer use. I am willing to part with them for these prices because I really just want to get rid of them and also I want to offer some nice headphones at a good price to this community which got me started in this hobby.


The only feedback I have on this site is buying a PS Audio PW2, but I also buy tons of stuff on ebay (moejontana) including MDR-R10s and tons of different tubes. If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I will provide my phone# or email. I have also bought several amplifiers that I can provide the sellers for if you need further references.


Thanks for looking.



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Sale pending...

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Thanks for all the PMs from everybody who sent them. I would rather sell here for a deal instead of auctioning them on Ebay.



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Holy crap. Deal of the century. Whoever won this wins at life itself.

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Awwww. Well done!
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I have always had a keen eye to the dx1000, they sound lovely. Gz to the buyer

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As it seems very few people have had the chance to review both of these together, would the buyer please give us some thoughts? :)

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