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Help with choice of earbuds.

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Hi guys and girls.

I want to buy portable earphones but NOT in ear, just cause I dont find it comfy having my ears plugged. 

Im choosing between:

1) Atomic Floyd Airjax

2) B&O 3i

3) Creative Aurvana Air

4) Marshall Minor


Ill four similar in appearance, I like rich punchy sound both highs and bass I know it is easier to achieve on earplugs but just dont want them. Main listening source - phone/tablet, no amp, nothing special, so less OHMs is better (correct me if I`m wrong). If anyone has any XP with anything above or you know healthier alternative please advice. Im using JVC gummy for £5/10USD now and if they been basier and louder I wouldnt bother so this should give you indication. Thank you very much in advance!

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Those Marshall Minors looks tasty!



I don't have any experience with any of those, but the Marshalls seem like they would be a solid choice.


As a side note, I picked up a pair of Sennheiser MX-470 earbuds. They are awesome for the price (about 40 CAD). Exceptionally comfortable, a nice warm sound signature with more bass than I was expecting from an earbud. This allows them to provide a very balanced and reasonably neutral sound compared to other buds I've tried in the past. They are inexpensive enough to use daily and note worry too much about.


I doubt you would be disappointed with them, and hey sound heaps better than the Gummys :)



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look into Blox, they make incredible sounding buds for crazy low prices but seem to have weird availability.

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I have the same issue with earbuds. I own Blox Be5, and Yuin pk-3 and pk-2. I think the pk-2's are pretty sweet for eight bucks US . Many people have varied opinions about Yuin's and I'm not sure how much punch you want but I think anything from Kenny G to Joe Bonamassa sound great on my pk-2's.
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Yuin pk2 only for eight bucks?
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Sorry, I meant eighty. That's what I get for typing on a phone in the middle of the night.

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i got a marhsall minor and been using it for more than 1 year and thousands of hours music playback 

if you're bass head guy dont buy it because the bass not so punchy just about enough (not bass oriented like cheap phones), this earphone desperately need equalizer when it's new and below 100 hours playback. Sounds will starting to change nearly after 500hrs of playback (me took half year) also high quality audio, at least iTunes standard


minor got high Ohm, so u need to play it at least on good phones like iPhone or samsung galaxy series else u won't have the full sound

also 0 noise isolation, happy party on the train stations and busy streets


I'm big fan of OwlCity and satisfied enough, bass not punchy treble not so punchy, right in the mid for instruments and adam young vocal is epic xd

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I'm a big fan of the Yuin PK3, costing about $30, it has a very enjoyable sound to it, can't really go wrong with them.

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I am another backer of Blox... If you can get your hands on them, will definitely worth every pennies.

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