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I have Dunu dn1000 pair with Sony F886 and Fiio X5. Now I want upgrade my Dunu dn1000. 


I want more drum and bass impact. I satisfy with soundstage of dn1000 and hope that xba h3 with song audio galaxy plus may help it a little bit wider. I understand that h3 is in the same league with dn1000 but I heard that h3 will perform a lot better if its cord is change. I can't test it by myself because nowhere allows their demo to be changed h3 cord to song audio galaxy plus.


I plan to sell Dunu dn1000 and buy second hand Sony XBA H3 with Song audio galaxy plus. Is its sound totally upgraded? Is it worthwhile to sell dunu dn1000 and pay around 160 USD more to upgrade to this? My favorite artists are Pitbull, Dev, Far east movement, Black eye peas, Scandal (J-rock / pop).


I posted this thread in Portable Headphones, Earphones and In-Ear Monitors but I realized that I should post here. Sorry for inconvenience.


Thank you