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So I am not necessarily very new, but I am more of a lurker than anything, and very much still a newbie when it comes to audio. Over a year ago, I decided on the HD598s and could not be happier with the sound they provide. THe issue is, I spend more of my time gaming when I listen to music, or at work and need to be able to pick up calls. This required something with a mic. So I bought the Sound Blaster EVO ZxR headset last december, they were good, nothing even close to the 598s, but did the job for on-the-go and connection to my phone. Well the shoddy craftsmanship gave way and I have to get them repaired, thank god for warranties. Once they come back, I will sell them and look for a new pair of cans.


I have a pair of Beyerdynamic MMX 101 iEs for light quick on the go stuff, and they work wonders, but I would still like something over the ear and more powerful. I have tried toting the 598s with me, but the very long cable and the lack of a mic just didn't work out for me (I am still keeping them for now, they are wonderful, but just dont get much use).


I have tried the Antlion Modmic, and have had 2 die on me, and I no longer trust them, plus the second very long cable just made things messier.


So I came here searching and narrowed it down a bit to these:


1) Sennheiser Momentum - These not only look fantastic, but seem to be close to the 598. Now I know they are closed vs the open 598s, so they will be different, and not very comparable, but I hope they have a similar sound and balance as the 598s

2) Beyerdynamic DT770s (80 ohm probably) - I know these don't have a mic, but they sound very appealing. I might just try a external mic addon again.

3) Steelseries Siberia V2 - Gaming headset, but I read they have good sound, while probably not up there in audiophile levels, should be better than nothing. Not portable but has everything else.


I also don't own any dac/amps, though I was thinking of getting an E07K or an E17 sometime. I just haven't had the need for any yet. With that I might be able to get the 250 Ohm DT770s


Also if anyone has any info on detachable cables w/ mics for the Sennheisers, I might look into that first. I could easily do with an in-cable mic. Maybe a better quality version of something like this:


Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place. I am just trying to buy something short notice and quickly. Preferrably <=250$, but can go up to $300.