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since I am experimenting now between the 2 setups I need your help in buying cables as I don't understand cables that much


set up 1 will be : ipod touch----- cck ----- usb to micro usb------ chord----- Shure se846 ( the micro usb should fit the recessed hugo input )


set up 2 will be: fiio x5---- coaxial----- chord------ Shure se846 ( I have a BIIIIIGGGGG question what coaxial cable to use, the fiio just came with an adapter, is there a way to directly connect the fiio x5 to chord by a coaxial cable without using the fiio x5 adapter


I would like the cables to not be more than 25 cm in length so please help me find great quality cables that will not drain my pocket too much, all I want is good cables that are affordable and good quality


links are appreciated