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Line 6 GX studio?

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Hey fellas.  I just was cleaning out my mancave and came across an old Line 6 GX studio pod.  It was used by my son who at the time was learning guitar.  This little device hooks up via usb and with Line 6 software called podfarm, can emulate tons of guitar amps and cabinets.  I also seen him use this thing standalone and played all his audio through it.  It has power via usb, and 3.5mm out to HP on front, 1/4" jack on back for input.  My wonder is, if this has an amplifier in it?, it serves as a DAC?, or what.  Any ideas?, Intel? http://line6.com/podstudiogx/

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Looks like you can.  Connect it to computer, Connect the headphone jack. And choose the device shown below from sound properties, and play some music and see if it working as a DAC.





Sound Playback Default Device - Select your Line 6 audio device here in the Playback tab and 
choose “Set Default” if you want your applications to use it for audio playback. Click Properties 
button to adjust the playback level. (Keep the sliders set to 100% and use the Output & Phones 
knobs on your Line 6 hardware to adjust playback levels more easily.)

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Well, its must be a DAC, can use it like a sound card with my laptop.  Sounds much louder and fuller than through laptop hp jack.  Who knew..lol

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It's probably something similar to this Behringer, which is really cheap DAC computer interface for instruments.

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