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I Would Like Some Help!

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Hello, Wonderful People Of Head-Fi.

I've Been Frequenting This Site For Maybe 2 Years Now,And I Would Love Some Help.

So I'm Looking For Pairs Of Earphones And Headphones.

I Want Earphones And Headphones That Sound Great And Are Affordable Like If I Ever Lose Them I Wont Be Sad My Budget Is Under 50$.I'm Mainly Going To Use These When I Leave My House. So I Need Headphones That Are Under 50$ Or More But Not Over 100$,Sound Great And It Has To Be Affordable And Something I Won't Be Afraid If I Gets Stolen Or Something.



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I'm not sure if you mean under $100 total or max $100 per each type.


For earphones, Shure SE215. It's durable, will block out noises when leaving home, and has a bassy sound. Want neutrality? Hifiman RE-400.


For headphones, look at the Creative Aurvana Live for something bassy. Sony MDR-7506/NVX XPT100 for something more neutral, both have decent isolation for use outside but IEMs are your best bet in that regard.

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