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Hello all,


It seems to me that there are many, many types/brands of DAP around, far too many for any one person to have heard of them all (or so i think ;) ). I was wondering, then, what Head-Fi'ers felt the most obscure/unknown DAP ever was, that was also worth having!


There seem to be the mainstream players, from the likes of Apple and Sony. Then there seem to be the 'starter audiophile' brands like Cowon, Colorfly and Fiio. Then, up from there, there are the not-commonly-known brands such as HiSound, Hidizs (no idea how to spell that one :( ) and A&K/iRiver.


My question, then, would be: What brands/ manufacturers exist on the level above these? What DAPs are so obscure that you're unlikely to ever see one on the Web, let alone in person, without having to know exactly what to search for already?


I would clarify: Random brands of cheapo players that are sold for £3 in Toys'R'Us don't count ;) I am referring to real audiophile players, not noise boxes ;)

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