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/rant start

Looks like I have about 50 hours of burn-in on the new ATH-A500X (Audiophile ART series) headphones. Overall, they're great hooked up to the PC for watching anime or other TV stuff, (yeah, I said it, I watch anime, wanna fight about it!) but I prefer the sound signature of the ATH-WS33x (Solid Bass series) for music. I would like to get an the ATH-M50x (Studio Monitor series), but I expect the sound ,especially the bass line signature will sound more like the A500x. I might look a little more at the ATH-PRO500MkII (DJ series headphone) for music since I hear they hit bass as hard as the WS's do.

Also am debating which model of IEMs to buy to us when I'm jogging or out with the cameras shooting. The JVC Marshmallows are nice, but cheap, and the sound is the same as the EarPods, they replace, but the bass sucks in them. I know bass generally sucks in an IEM, but hell, I'd like some bass. I have a $100 in credit from Amazon from Cap-1 to use. I can easily buy the M50's, the Pro500MkII or the CLK's.


I really ahte having so many options.


/end rant