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Gaming Setup

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Hey guys, I'm sure this gets asked a lot, but I'm looking for a gaming solution and I'm totally lost. My budget is no more than 400$ for everything, and I need a mic or a headset with mic attached. I play FPS (Cod, Halo etc) games on consoles, I have a 360 and an Xbox One so it needs to be compatible. I'm not at all looking to use these for music or anything besides gaming and Netflix on my consoles, so my biggest concern is being able to hear footsteps, grenades etc and being able to know exactly where they came from. Any help would be appreciated!

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You should hit up a pc forum such as:


I'm just thinking PC gaming experts might have great info for you.

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I'm not a console gamer but have been an avid PC gamer for 20 years or so. The best headphones I've found for gaming are the AKG Q701. You might be able to order an external mic and use it separately? I'm not sure what the console restrictions are like these days.


Anyway, take a look at this post where Mad Lust Envy has reviewed a ton of headphones and accessories strictly for gaming purposes. You should find some good ideas in there.


- Roy

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