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Hi!, a year and a half ago i asked for your help to buy headphones, i ended buying the Marshall Major, and yesterday they "passed away" now im in the need of some good headphones (yeah sorry for the bad english)


Im from southamerica Chile so things like headphones are a little bit more expensive (marshall major currently on amazon $70, here $80-$85)



My capacity is from $140-$170 dollars, 


i will use this headphones mostly at home, using them either for games in a ps4 or music, over-ear, i like sound aislation , and i HATE the material of headphones like the Grado S80(despite they are awesome), you can hear everything around you and people can hear your music


I have seen these headphones, but sugestions would be nice please!, 



Pulse Wireless Elite Edition Headset Sony 7.1 Ps3/ps4                                  (i love the design and the material)

Dj Technics Rp-dj120

Beyerdynamic Dt 770 Pro  (250 OHM. found them at $170)

Audio-technica Ath-m50 (these actually costs $200 here but i would like to know if they are good)


I just need some Suggestion, what should i buy and why



Thanks for helping me again!.

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