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Hello guys I am new to this forum and have Bad English But I am on my limit on trying to solve the problem myself through google/asking people around me. So I finally decide to post a forum here and hope someone here who had the same experience or know how to fix the issue can help me.


I will start Listing the Spec of My computer.

Mother Board: Asus Formula 6 (

Power Supply: SeaSonic Platinum-1000 (

Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (

Graphic Card: Evga 680 GTX 4GB (

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14 (

Thermal Paste: Prolimatech PRO-PK1 (

Case: Cooler Master HAF X (

CPU: Intel i7-4770k Haswell (

Hard Drive: Samsung SSD 840 Pro (


The Problem I have been Experiencing

Ever since I build this computer with all those part and install windows and drivers for my computer, doesn't matter what kind of mic I plug into my computer, people will hear this white/static noise whenever I stream, skype or record from all my game plays. The 3 mics that I have right now are ModMic 4.0, Blue Snowball, and Ath-ag1 headset mic. I have try switching between all those mics to stream but it didn't seem to solved the problem. So I came up with an idea that it's not my mics and it's my on board sound card that's being bad and not encoding the sound from my mic correctly. With that thought, I order the asus Xonar STX ( from newegg right away to hope that it will be my solution to my problem. But it didn't ( - [this is the forums I was reading and it seems the soundcard only bring trouble to the people.] As a result, I called newegg and return the soundcard right away and try to find another way to try to fix it and I found the Onboard soundcard software (realtek) and use the mic utility of noise gate and noise reduction to remove the white noise. Because of that....whenever I talk to people I sound like I'm talking in the bathroom or Talk while have my head in the toilet. 


Here are the examples of my recording without Tunes with realtek software and With tuning.

1. Without (

2. WIth (

I recorded these with Ath-ag1 headset mic 


Please help.