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I would like to ask you to share with me and with others one or two of your favourite albums, which you dont only like because music itself but also because of album sonic qualities. Please specify mastering version and format. Only digital format please. No vinyl rips. No long lists of your collection. Just the best one(s).


If i should pick the good sounding albums from my small collection, which i also like to listen to, it would be these:


Muse - 2nd Law 96/24 flac version from original site

- it has better dynamic range than cd version. Tried to compare it with 320kbs mp3 ripped from cd and difference was HUGE. Not sure if its because different mastering, higher "resolution" or both.


Nirvana - Nevermind MFSL 44/16 flac

- for me it is the best sounding version of Nevermind. Including HDtracks 96/24 version. Proof for me, that mastering and dynamic range are more important than bitrate. Not my favourite thing to listen on headphones but i choose it to point out that dynamic range vs bitrate impact on music for me.


Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel SACD 96/24 flac

- much better dynamic than cd. If you like this album, its must have. Dont know why but second track has very low volume, so i must always crank it up. Except this fault, its otherwise very good sounding stuff and my favourite album from DM.

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