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This is my first foray into head-fi.


My current system is - AKG 550 (already have plans to buy more...oh dear). My Aune was ordered today.


I ordered the Aune as I wanted to try tube rolling. I'm looking to pick up an extra 2 tubes.


1. A bass heavy tube for hardcore, speedcore, hardstyle, gabber and hip-hop. Recommendations for some bass heavy closed back cans too? (no beats please). I find the 550s lacking as they don't form the best of seals on my head. For these a couple hundred euros. I have rave ruined ears


2. A tube that leans more towards rock and metal.


I've been through the Aune discussion page, but as recommend I've put my first post in here.


I'll go max of 50euro each. That's roughly 65 dollars/40 quid.