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I'm looking for a pair of closed back over ear headphones for fun portable listening. Budget is roughly $200. I'll drive the headphones using either my iPhone 5 or Macbook Pro, both from Spotify at high quality and sometimes from ripped 320Kb files.


I started by getting a pair of Sony 7506, but I find them, well, boring. I hear all the definition and clarity they're producing, but with them I'm losing some of the fun I have with listening.


For example, when I listen to electronica like Crystal Method or house like Daft Punk, I really enjoy when the bass belts out. At home I have Audioengine A5s with the S8 subwoofer and this kind of music sounds great. On the go right now, I use some $50 Skullcandy Fix earbuds. While the Fix are really muddy, the bass comes through pretty well and, for whatever reason, I still find listening with them "fun."


My music goes beyond electronica/house, though. I also listen to classic jazz (e.g. Miles, Trane), contemporary jazz (e.g Christian Scott), alt rock, classical (mostly orchestral), contemporary classical (e.g. Xenakis, Reich), rap/hiphop, and pop. The phones would get used less for classical and more for the rest (I listen to classical more at home).


So I'm going to return the 7506s, but am trying to pick better this time. The easy go to would be the ATH-M50 (or the x version). I've read these have a bit of elevated bass beyond the 7506, but am worried I might find them wanting. However, I like the fold-up portability, and would probably spring for the x version to get the short cable. My wondering about bass led to looking at the BD Custom Pro Ones. Clearly I could get the bass I want there, but they're significantly more expensive and don't fold.


So thanks for reading. If you have suggestions on which of those two are more appropriate for my needs, or recommendations for another option I'd appreciate it.