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I'm rather new to Hi-Fi but I decided to "invest" in it considering I have well over 1200 CDs.


So far I have acquired a Rega Apollo-R (CD player) and Focal Spirit Classic headphones which I currently use on my laptop w/o any DAC (W8>MusicBee>WASAPI).


I'm looking to acquire a fullsize HP amp and so far I've auditioned only one: Musical Fidelity's M1HPA which I think was rather good sounding (it was connected to a Musical Fidelity M1DAC also connected to some entry-level Yamaha CD/USB player).


I want to audtion more amps before I decide which one to buy but I could use some recommendations.


I'm looking for an amp with the following specs:

Price: about 800 USD

Solid State or valve, or hybrid, it doesn't really matter

Ability to work as a preamp (like the M1HPA) would be welcome because I could upgrade my system in a more "economical" way

USB input (even if not that great, just so I can wait till I buy a DAC, the next stage after the amp) and line input for my CD player



Thanks for your help!