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looking for bluetooth speakers for the outdoor!

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Hey, I'm looking for "portable" speakers that support both bluetooth and regular aux 3.5mm connection. No replaceable batteries (AA, D batteries, etc), must be rechargeable. I do like bass, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. But the more, the merrier :L3000:! My price range is ~$100, and I like in California, USA.


So far, I've been really excited about purchasing a rebranded TDK A360, also known as the XtremeMac Soma 360. 



But before I make a purchase, I'd like to make sure I made the right choice! I read around the forums and it seems that the Sony BTX300 is also a good choice. Any opinions on this over the XtremeMac? 


Another also suggested the SHARKK BoomBox Speakers, but they seem to have more emphasis on portability than sound. My intentions are more for parks, bbq, and beaches so the size isn't a terrible concern. 



What are you thoughts? Suggestions? 

Also, battery life is a nice, but not necessary plus. As long as it can go through a days use just fine (for a bbq or beach trip).

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Go to your local Target or BestBuy. Take your phone with you. Take a 3.5mm cable. And you may be able to test out some different models either by connecting via Bluetooth or using the aux connections.

The Sharkk is excellent for the price. To me, it was as good or better in SQ than any of the others around that size (or smaller) for <$100 because most of them have no midbass sound. I have the JBL Charge, which has more volume, so a bit better for outside usage.

The TDK A33 appears to be on closeout on Amazon for a really good price because there appears to be a new version. I was very impressed by the sound of it, and it can put out a lot of volume (comparatively). But it was a bit of a brick (in weight) compared to the Sharkk and JBL Charge, so didn't quite fit my needs.
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@cel4145, thanks for your input! The tdk a33 does look pretty nice, and I like how its "weather proof". the weight isn't much of a concern for me. Do you have any experience with the TDK A360? 


And how does the AmazonBasic Bluetooth speaker fair with these other products?


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Sorry. I've only listened to the A33. I was able to connect my phone to it at BestBuy (can't remember if I used aux cable or bluetooth).

I wonder if that 360 degree design is useful for outdoors *if* you are using it where the main drivers are always pointing at you? If it's firing sound away from you,it would have to reflect off something (e.g. a wall) in order to have much audible benefit in its primary direction.
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Bolse speakers are a good choice, too. They've got an 8 hour battery life, but I'm not sure how many hours you'll need. 

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