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I have a dynamight that digger945 made awhile back. Hadn't booted it up since I left my last gig as it was my work amp but when I tried a few months ago it was having issues. I think it's a simple power switch swap since it starts up fine when I turn it on, but when I let go of the button it powers down. If I hold the power button down it will stay powered on and function fine.


Was wondering if there might be someone willing to take a look, help me diagnose the issue, order a part and replace it. Sorry if I'm out of line making this request in this fashion... not super active on head-fi anymore and never posted much in this section so not sure of the customs (Wasn't explicitly discouraged in the rules I read). Happy whatever fee that makes this worthwhile and can work in whatever fashion is most convenient for you.... e.g. drive the amp to you/pick it up and work around your schedule. Also have tubes too if perhaps some tubes might be more appealing to you.


I'm incredibly patient as well so don't have to worry about a nightmare person to deal with. I used to buy from Singlepower after all. 


Send me a PM if this might be something you might be able to help me out with! Thanks in advance :) Miss the darn amp and I think I want to set it back up at my current job.