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Hello everyone,

I recently ordered my FitEar F111 through PriceJapan, and the product originally came from Fujiya-Avic. When I received it, I was shocked to find that the sound was inaudible on the right ear. I tried changing cables and sources, but to my great disappointment, nothing worked. I first contacted Fujiya-Avic since it was their product, but they told me that warranty is only void in Japan and told me to contact the original source, which is FitEar. I contacted FitEar despite their site saying they don't deal with repair and maintenance. No answers so far. Finally, I contacted PriceJapan, hoping they could help me out. They told me that I shouldn't have contacted Fujiya-Avic because now they found out that the end-user is in the U.S., voiding the warranty and that there is nothing they can do to help me. After a cluster ****, I'm now left with F111 with severe channel imbalance with no one to take responsibility. I'm probably gonna have to spend another 100 dollars to send it a shop, which I hope can fix this thing. If you ever get a defect from PriceJapan, DO NOT CONTACT THE ORIGINAL SOURCE. Just a little heads up since many head-fiers seem to use PriceJapan as do I.