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I recently bought an iBasso DX90.  According to the manual, the DX90 is capable of handling SDHC and SDXC microSD cards.  I bought a a Micro SDHC Class 10 128GB.  I put the mircoSD card in an SD card adapter, plugged it in my computer, formattted the microSD card as exFAT, then transferred a bunch of FLAC files to it.  I then put the microSD in my iBasso DX90 and did a media scan.  Once that was complete, I went into System Info and verified that it read the card (the proper amount of used and available memory was displayed in the external heading).  Oh, I should mention I upgraded the firmware on the iBasso to the most current version, 2.0.5.  The iBasso sometimes sees the media files, sometimes not.  If it does see them and I try to play them, it will either play only a portion of the file, or it will sit there and play nothing (it accesses the file and displays it, but it sits at 0 on the time).  When I remove the card and read it directly in my computer, the files are all good. Is it a compatibility issue between the iBasso and the microSD card?  Is it a problem with the microSD card?  Should I spend the extra money and get a more expensive SDXC card with a faster class rating?  As both the iBasso and microSD card are new to me, I am just trying to figure out what the root cause is.  Is there a microSD compatibility list? Are there firmware bugs that have not been reported yet or known issues?  I did not find any info on the iBasso website.  If anyone can help me answer these questions, it would be much appreciated.

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