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xperia sound quality vs other phones.

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There's probabile another thred opened about this but i couldnt find it so i appologies about that and for my bad english.

Ive had all kinds of phones, from the old nokia's to todays lates android phones, ios and windows phones. For now im with a simple iphones. But from my personal experience, on sound quality chapter, just sound quality, not how loud or what output can a phone give, ive found sony to be unbeatable. The way the sound moves in your ears with a decent pair of headphones it just cant be matched. I'm no audiophile nor do i know the math behind it, but the sound efect is amaizing. Im not talking precisly about the equlizer or the other efects sony uses, but im sure it hase a lot to do with the end result (3d sound or sourond sound, etc). The bass is more than perfect, the pitch noise ( high sound's ) not to powerful that you cant stand the sound, and the mediums just right, and it all just blends perfectly in your ears. But more than that, the sound its self, its fild not holow or empty like other devices. Take iphone devices for instance, the sound is ok, not bad at all, but evan if it dose have a much better output, it sounds kind of empty. It dose not have that fild sound to it. All devices wether the have better output or not, just dose not have that quality to the audio that sony hase.

So my question to evryone here is, how can i get that sound quality on other devices, or, what other phones sounds as good as sony.

I know that it is a proprietary thing of sony, more than 40 years or God knows how many years of experience and development behind it but still. Its not imposibile. Is it?

The only other devices i've ever ben able to come close withe the sound to sony is on pc's usualy using a creative sound card and a decent pair of speakers.
I travel a lot, and i usualy take my music with me. I cant have 5 devices, each one dedicated for something.

So, this thred is intended to compair consumer sound quality of sony's devices like xperia to other consumer devices android, ios or windows based.
Tell me your opinion's.
Thank you in advance.
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Seriosly? No replay's what so ever?
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Individual Xperia smartphone has their own discussion thread, you might want to search them out.


As for the SQ of the whole line of Xperia phone - your question is simply too broad to answer. It is like asking 'how Italian cars compare to other cars', which can go from a cheap little Fiat to the most expensive of Ferrari and no one really know how to answer that. The chance that one person owning multiple Xperia and other brands of smartphones is slim, and therefore you shouldn't surprised no one has an answer for you.

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Good point. At lest it makes sens. Thx for the answer.
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