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upgrading from iPod classic, DX50 or X5?

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I'm pretty new to this whole world of things, I'm on maybe my 3rd pair of headphones (3.2 Mad Dogs purchased from Valens7, thanks buddy :) ) and I listen to them through a 5th gen iPod classic and a FiiO E11 (L9 cable). It sounds fine, but I'm looking at upgrading my player. I LOVE the iPod's UI, large internal storage, and form, but I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of sound quality by sticking with it just for ease of use.


So I've narrowed it down to the iBasso DX50 and the FiiO X5. I'd still probably use the E11 with either of them.

I feel that I get great extension on both ends of the spectrum with the Mad Dogs, and the E11 gives just enough of a dark touch to everything.


I listen to everything under the sun, but soundstage width/depth and frequency extension are very important to me as I make a lot of experimental/soundscape/ambient kind of music.


So a few questions:

1) which of these players has better frequency extension?

2) how do their soundstage width/depth compare?

3) is the FiiO worth the extra ~$100 overall?


I hope I'm doing my first post right. Thanks guys :)

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Just buy a better amp ? For a small if any increase in sq you'll forgo all the advantages of the classic.
Incredible battery life, massive storage, flawless gapless playback. great UI bug free operation?reliability and longevity to name a few.
This is only my opinion the iPod Classic is unmatched all-around
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you don't think the SQ improvement will be worth the change? I'd like to get a new amp but I'm having a hard time finding a nice dark portable amp (hopefully with a bass boost?) that won't break the bank, and isn't a cinderblock. Both the iPod and the E11 seem tiny.

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The DX50 can be changed over to Rockbox, if you are familiar with that. That's a plus in my book smily_headphones1.gif
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Like I say its only my opinion please take it with a pinch of salt if you wish I'm sure most people would disagree, encouraging you to go for the new 'audiophile' DAPs. I was just saying its maybe not necessary. I use my iPod Classics with a Graham Slee Voyager amp with L9 and am completely satisfied. It has I believe a warmish tone and great sound stage and comfortably drives all my headphones including my DT990 Pros. It also has 'cotour switch which  gives pretty insane levels of bass but also a boost in treble as well, I dont use it much !  I'm not saying its necessarily better than your Fiio E11 and I'm sure there are now better amps out there. 


I actually bought a Fiio X3 to see what all the fuss was but promptly returned it (the first time I've actually returned an audio product because I didn't like it as opposed to it being faulty) I couldn't detect any real sound improvement over my iPod/amp combination. (please note I don't think I have golden ears ) Every other aspect of it was IMO a joke in comparison to the iPod with appalling battery life and a terrible UI and design and buggy as hell. With a Classic and a good amp you have the best of all world.



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That's something to think about, I'll mull it over. If anything, I might end up getting a 160gb iPod as my 80gb is almost full and the battery life is nothing compared to what it used to be. Thanks :)

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