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Hi everyone! I'm sorry if my English is bad, but I'm from Italy and i only know pasta-like languages :P


My second pair of AKGs K512 MKII broke, and I'm searching for a new pair of headphones. I've got a full 34€ refund from Amazon, and now i have a ~40€ budget to buy a new one (yeah i know it's a tight one, but I don't work so I don't have much money).


I use my Samson Go Mic as a DAC (strange, eh?) and a Kenwood KA-405 as amplifier (thru the headphone port), so no problem with > 50Ω drivers.

I mostly listen to Electronic/Dance, but I also go Acoustic some times. I'm always at home, they don't need to be portable.


I'm used to the circumaural design of the AKGs, but also supra-aural is good.


What does Head-Fi recommend? :)


EDIT: I no longer need help, due to this amazing topic:

And also thanks to this review:


I know these aren't properly neutral but I'm curious about the sound everybody is talking about.

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