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Hello Head-fier's,


I've had my Headstage Arrow 3G for about six months now, and I have a battery issue. The Auto-off feature has failed, and the amp will no longer power off automatically until the battery has completely drained. Surely, you can imagine the problems and frustration this causes. I emailed Headstages designer, Robert, regarding the situation. He politely informed me that he is currently busy with the new Arrow 5G, so he can't service it at the moment. He did kindly refer to me an option to fix my amplifier though. Here are his exact words:


"In the moment I can’t repair your amp or offer an exchange. Usually replacing the battery will reset the firmware and all is ok. Please see ebay for an iPod Photo 4G battery."


I'm competent enough to replace parts in other electronics (cell phones, guitar amps, computers, etc.), but this thing has me terrified to tinker because I can't see a safe way to pop it open. So herein lies the issue: I have no ideas how to open the device without damaging it. Is there anyone with experience opening and replacing portable amp components that could assist? Perhaps a quick tutorial?


Thanks to anyone who offers help!