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Trittons are terrible

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Hey guys, I want to make this short.


I am a PC gamer, I have gamed on the same pair of beats solos for a while, and I need a new pair. About a week ago I bought Tritton 720+ for PC and Mobile devices from Amazon. I was looking at all of the reviews for the Tritton 720+, the Pro+, and other headsets. At the time I thought the 720+ were the best ones for me, so I bought the one for PC because I am a PC gamer. I know they have an xbox version, but I didn't get that because it wouldn't fit my PC. 

I'll just get to the point. The 720+ I had for my PC was terrible. The sound was very tinny and just bad in general, I couldn't listen to youtube video sound, only skype and computer system sound. I returned them and am still looking for a new headset. I didn't know if I should get the 720+ for xbox and see if the decoder box made a difference, or get the pro+ for pc, as I said I don't know if the decoder box makes a difference, because mine didn't come with it and others do. I went to bestbuy to see if they have trittons that I can try on and listen to there. The bestbuy by me (I'm in the US) had a PC gaming devision, and an xbox gaming devision. I saw Astro A40's in the PC section for $150. The box looked smaller than the box featured in your video, but when I went to the other side and saw the xbox divison, the astro a40's were $250 and the box was bigger? Wtf? Are xbox/Play station or PC headsets different headsets? I've been looking all over forums and videos and still no help. Please help me with this. Here are some things I'm looking for in a headset:


- GOOD Surround sound gaming headset


- Attachable mic


- Budget is $150, however I can get all the trittons for $130 on Amazon


- Easy to moderate to set up



Thanks for reading guys I really need some help!

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More than enough info regarding headsets and headphones in Madlustenvy's thread here.

You can easily attach a mic to headphones btw.

You won't need the decoder box if your soundcard supports surround sound. But the gaming headsets are only virtual surround anyway so not much different to normal headphones.

But all that is mentioned in his thread. I doubt ( i don't actually know ), that the same headset is different for pc and console, they are both stereo afterall.
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