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Best player for 100$

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What player is the best for around 100$?


My headphones are Xiaomi pistons V2


Now i`m going to buy Cube C30 for the 1st player but i want to buy something better for my birthday at November. What will be the best, colorfly c3 or something else(maybe wait for FiiO x1)?

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What player are you using now? Do you have a headphone amp?
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Now i`am using my old Lg p970 phone which is bad but in few days i`ll get a Cube c30

And i haven`t got headphone amp

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If you want an inexpensive DAP that sounds really good, the Sansa Clip+ or Clip Zip is excellent for the price and they support micro SD cards. So for an extra $18, you could have a 32GB music player, and the red Clip Zip is currently $30 on Amazon. Then if you decided you needed a headphone amp (wanted more volume), the FiiO E11 would only take you a little over your overall budget.
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Sansa clip+ is better than Cube c30 or it`s the same?

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