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ATH M40FS or ATH M40x?

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Hi, I enjoy listening to music a lot (mostly hip hop although I do listen to other genres often). I'm not very fine tuned to all the little details in the music as I've only really been listening to music on cheap Logitech LS21 desktop speakers. However I want to make a good investment in headphones that will last a long time and give me great sound. At the moment, ATH M40FS seems like a really good and cheap option. However, the ATH M40x's also seem like a really good option. I can buy M40FS's for about $67 NZD and M40x's for about $130 NZD. I want to know whether there is really a big difference between how each one sounds, and whether paying the extra 60 bucks will get me a little more audio quality along with the convenience of the detachable cable and the 3.5mm default cable (and of course the M40x's look a lot better). I think that if they sound about the same then I'll probably be leaning more towards the M40FS but if not then the M40x's. Any help is appreciated :)

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They sound different. You can listen to recordings of both pairs here and make your choice:
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