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I've been having some troubles with my Bravo V3 amp - one of the equalizer pots had become intermittent. Troubleshooting resulted in high confidence that it was the pot itself, and would need to be replaced. No problem for me -- I used to do this all day every day for a living. But where to get the part? I'm sure I could probably have found it somewhere by description, but I thought I'd try the manufacturer first.


About three weeks ago I wrote to the only email address I could find for them - - saying that I own a V3 and that one of the EQ slider pots has become intermittent and I needed to obtain a replacement part. I included my mailing address hoping that they might be able to ship me one, and to save a bit of future email tag if it turns out they could.


Anyhow, I received no reply email, and being as three weeks had passed, I decided I'd give it one more week and then go hunting on my own (or maybe asking here on Head-Fi) for the 100K slide pot. Well, this afternoon when I checked my mail, there was a small box from Singapore. Inside were TWO slide pots (a 100K and a 500K). No packing slip, invoice, or note (aside from the customs declaration on the outside of the box); just the parts! Anyhow, while I'm slightly puzzled at the lack of any other communication, I'm thrilled that they sent the parts!  


I do wonder, however, why a 100K plus a 500K? Did they use 500K pots in some runs of the V3? I'm actually not certain what's in mine as I've not yer removed the old one; I'm just assuming it to be 100K based on the V3 schematic that's floating around the interwebs. I'll prolly update this thread once I've completed the repair.

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