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WA2 preamp output

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I am planning on buying a Woo Audio WA2 headphone amp. One of the reasons this amp attracts me is it's pre amp out. I love the idea of getting a quality headphone amp and a preamp for my main system. Can anyone who has used the pre out give me some feedback as to how good it is? I will be using it to feed my Exposure 2010S2 integrated amp. Thanks

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Well I bought the WA2 and use it as a preamp/ headphone amp. It's great. Here is a copy of a post I made on another thread:


I've had my Woo WA2 for about 4 months. I love it as a preamp for my main system. I use this function even more than the headphone amp function. Absolutely you must upgrade your tubes if you want to get great performance. With the right tubes this amp is awesome.

The current and my best tube combo:

Rectifier: RFT EZ80...does it's job perfectly

Driver: Siemens CCA......awesome imaging and detail/ 3D and completely transparent

Power: GEC 6080WA.....adds very nice bass and lower mids but maintains all the details and soundstage of the CCAs


With these tubes the WA2 enters a whole new class and is a wonderful preamp! :)


Just in case someone visits this thread :) PM me for advice

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