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Hello guys, I am new to the forums. About a month ago I needed a new pair of headphones for my computer, I am a PC gamer, and I have had the same pair of beats solos for about 3 years, I had them since they first came out. I was gaming with those and some cheap microphone for a while. I was doing research and found Trittons were the best bet for my buck. So I went to their website, I found a pair I liked, and bought it on Amazon. I bought the Tritton 720+ for PC and mobile for $130. I did so much research for headphones, weather to get the pro+ or the 720+. I got the 720+ today and they were ****. I couldn't get them to work to play videos or games but could for skype? I downloaded all the drivers and still these were terrible. They had one speaker in each earcup oppose to the pro+ having 4 speakers in each earcup. I thought since the one earcup was large it would compensate for the lack of true surround sound. I was wrong. It was a noob headset or a wannabe gamer headset. I wasn't gonna play any 'DSI' or 'PSVITA' or whatever the hell I could plug it into. I wanted a GAMING HEADSET. I am returning them to Amazon and I am going to buy another pair, I really need help on what pair I should get. I know the pro+ are true surround sound but are they actually good headphones? They got bad reviews on the website. I don't understand why the 720+ for pc and mobile got good reviews on Amazon, because they were terrible for me. The speaker was tinny and all distorted for what I could hear. I checked all the mixers on my sound icon thing and it said the youtube video was making SOME noise and it was being heard but I couldn't hear it through my headset. I am really frustrated here guys, I already returned the headset but am wondering if the tritton 720+ for xbox and ps3 with a PC adapter would be better? I DON'T KNOW!! Please help me, I am tired of searching for hours on the computer on what headset to get. My beats were better than the 720+, I don't know if I should get the pro+ for pc? Pro+ for xbox, 720+ for xbox, or a different headset. My budget is $150, I have seen the pro+ for $130 on amazon though. I need something with a mic, amazing surround sound. I would be using the headset for GAMING, movies and music, mostly gaming though. It should have a good mic for let's plays and stuff when I record and good for skyping.  I need a new headset SOON, I can't go on too much longer without one. I've watched all reviews and I know the pro+ are true surround sound with actual 4 speakers. Does the decoder box for each headset truly make the headset better? Thanks