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Signed.  Thanks Todd for the opportunity and as always the great deals.

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HI All,


More updates - The RS1e will be delayed 2 weeks so those who signed up for that headphone will still be on the list in order but the first recipient will not receive them for 2-3 week. Sorry for the delay! The PS500 will be delayed 1 week but will go out as soon as I receive it.


On a better note - I am adding at the request of a few of you the Grado SR225e. This headphone will go out next week and you can email me to sign up ... NOW!



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Originally Posted by Todd View Post

On a better note - I am adding at the request of a few of you the Grado SR225e.

You rule!
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Thanks. I'm down to try the 225s (originally emailed about the PS500e but can be taken off list for that one) but since I own the 225 makes more sense to try that one.

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The RS1e program is now full. Still room for a few for the PS500e, SR60e and SR225e.



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E mail sent I hope I am not too late as I love my SR60i and SR80i and would love hear the PS500e or SR225e (2nd choice) or even SR60e (3rd choice). Thanks so much for this great opportunity.the SR60i were my introduction to Hi Fi headphones and Grado's will always have a place in my heart and on my head :o2smile:

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Hi Todd,


Thanks for this incredible opportunity.


You will have received 2 emails from me:


1st is for RS1e which I sent before I saw the "RS1e is full" post, but if you decide to extend the RS1e loaner queue beyond 5, please consider this as my 1st choice.


2nd is for SR225e which I sent after I saw the "RS1e is full" post.  Please include me in this queue if you don't extend the RS1e queue.



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The SR225e program is now full. 1 spot left for the PS500e and 3 spots left for the SR60e.



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I'm signed up for the PS500e. Looking forward to it!

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Thanks as always for running programs like these...




edit - I just realized the RS1e is full, thanks again...

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Hopefully got in on PS500e!
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I cant wait to hear some impressions.

I am over in Australia so no joy on the trial but all the same very eager to hear peoples impressions.

I loved the sr80i, rs1i and Alessandro ms1 woodies and MSPro.


I would still own them if not the need for closed headphones due to nowhere to listen at home in a quiet/dedicated place and well, work not being too happy with me blasting Tool across the office haha.


Heck might have to just grab a pair of sr80e and bank them for those times when I CAN listen to them :)



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I really hate the fact that you have to buy from a local retailer when it comes to Grado.
Dont get me wrong, I understand why, and it definitely lets them serve their customers better, however...


SR80e - $99usd - $105aud give or take

SR80e in australia - $179aud.


Thats more than the 125e 'should' cost.


Oh well, end rant.  Its not like I am not going to buy them anyway :P

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Great - I'm number 3 on the GS 1000e list. I never did like the leas expensive Grados, as they were too "shrill" for my ears. BUT, i did purchase RS2i's last summer and found them to be fantastic with the HIF-M8, especially with rock and bass heavy music. Also, the RS2i is great with music videos and Grateful Dead music. I just don't like "on ear" phones as much as "over ear". Can't wait to try the 1000e's but will probably go for the top of the line model if the 1000e's are as good as the literature says.


Thank you, Todd!

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I hope I can hop in on this! I owned the Sr80i which got modeed to magnum v5s with various wooden cups. I got rid of them, but have since upgraded my amp/dac and really want to hear a grado on it. Signed up for the ps500e but think I'm to late. Hoping for a second run so I can hear that glorious gs1000e, I think it'd be an hp that would fit well in my stable.
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