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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Continental US

I just bought too many new toys, so these must go. I have probably only put 100 hours on these. Maybe less. I used these as portable phones, so they do have minors scuffs on the edges of the weird grippy rubbery coating, but nothing major. Other than that, physical & acoustic performance is 100%.


Comes with everything except the 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, which I never used / lost (also I forgot to photograph the bag...)

Price is shipped to continental US. You pay PP fees please.

Below, I ramble about the TMA-1's awesome bass capabilities and deliberately dark sound signature. Skip if you don't want the sales pitch.














I was going to sell these earlier in the year; couldn't do it after my "final listen". These are such crazy headphones in the way they just beg to be cranked to unsafe volumes. And when you do so, you are rewarded with ungodly amounts of ear shaking bass. The headphones literally dance on my head.

And thus they are unique in my experience - If I do that with any other of my headphones (e.g. Denon D5000, T-PEOS H300: both having a reputation for excellent & strong bass) my ears would be crying in no time. Plus, neither can deliver the TMA-1's sheer dBs in the bass region even if my ears could stand it.


Yeah, I know. I read reviews about other HPs that are supposed to have unworldly bass. And I'm sure they do.

What I am pointing out about these TMA-1s is the driver has excellent technical capabilities for detail, and they are deliberately tuned to have a dark sound signature so that they can be played loud, slam out the bass, and not destroy your ears with treble. Not your normal HP...


Long story short - these are a deftly crafted tool for listening to loud slamming electronica. 

Anyways, there is my mini review & sales pitch all rolled into one.

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Not sure what these are going for - PM me some offers.

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