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Best Solution?

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So I'm after the best most comfortable way to block people talking without frying what's left of my 43 year old ears.


I work in an open plan office with a fair bit of chat (some work related, fair enough some not).  Was just wondering what's the best way to block or cut this out so I can you know concentrate on what I'm suppposed to be doing, to the best effect.  IEM (tried a few, ie westone, klipsch tf10's etc) ciem, noisecancelling or other?  I sit in front of a pc and monitor for 7 hours a day and need to keep some semblance of sanity!


Was just wondering if I was missing anything.


Budget no problem within reason.



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Sennheiser makes the PXC450.  Never tried it but a lot of people seem to like it. I feel that around-ear headphones are more comfortable than IEMs for extended periods of time.   

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Fun sound:
Nad viso hp50
Polk audio ultrafocus 8000(this is the only headphone i put that has active noise cancelling)
Yamaha pro 500 (half price of original msrp in the US)
Donscorpio dolphin
Yamaha mt220
Soundmagic hp100
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For iems theres the yamaha eph100. If you prefer a more neutral sound, theres the etymotic hf5
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Best isolating full-size headphones are, afak as good as iems:

Ultrasone Edition 8(treble might be a problem on long sessions),

Ultrasone Signature Pro, Signature Dj


Less isolating:

MrSpeakers Mad Dog, Mad Dog Pro, Alpha Dog (You'll need an amp for these)

Soundmagic Hp100

Beyerdynamic Dt660 (I have them and they're quite good very close to iems)

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For IEMs, check out the Etymotic ER-4Ps. This series was originally designed as in ear monitors for musicians to use on stage.
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