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Hi everyone,


I am new to the forum (having joined today), and would like to know your opinion on these two IEMs (is this the right term?), the Vsonic GR07 Classic and the Yamaha EPH-100. I just listen to pop mostly, some rap and hip hop and a little bit of electronic and chillstep. I will be using these earphones on daily commute to and from school, on public transport, so noise isolation would be nice, but not too much to cause discomfort. 


I did search for previous forums addressing these IEMs, but all of them are about the Vsonic Gr07 older models which I probably will not get. There are many reviews of the Yamaha EPH-100 online, but not much on the new Vsonic GR07 Classic, so I would love your opinion on this.


Any information is much appreciated. I would like to limit my choices to these two (I have spent some time researching) but if you have any other suggestions of IEM's around the 100 - 130 range then please comment!


Thanks again,