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Noise Isolating/Cancelling Studio Monitor Headphones ~2-300$

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Hi, at work for some unknown reason (it's not my job), I've been tasket to look into some studio monitors for the testers in charge of audio checks. I know a bit about it and a bit of headphones (by lurking this forum mostly :D) but nowhere near enough to choose a pair. The fun detail is that due to some issues, they'll do that work in the "common area" of the office. With a bunch of people talking all the time and close to the server room with mad fan noise.


The Sennheiser HD 380 Pro they're using have basically no insulation and they're barely enough to hear what the audio is, checking for noise, clicks and other artifacts is next to impossible. 

At this point as a temporary solution I brought to the office my pair of Audio Technica ATH-ANC9, but well... they're mine and I need them :D


I absolutely have no idea even where to start looking. I found in a similar thread they suggested kns8400 but that's more or less the extent of what I found. I wouldn't even know if ANC would be ok for that kind of job or it would have to be passive noise isolation. 

Any help would be greately appreciated, both in terms of headphones suggestions and any info that could be useful to consider.

PS: Budget for the headphones seems to be around 200$ give or take 50$, but I might be able to squeeze out a bit more if needed.


Edit: if it helps source is the mobo integrated audio card on a PC, reading wav files (I have no info as of yet about the specifics of the files)

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sorry double post

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Well i have the KRK KNS 8400 and the noise isolation is very good for headphones in general. With music playing at low to medium volume i generally cant hear speaking next to me. But i think it wont be enough to listen to some random noise, clicks, pops unless they are fairly loud sounds. I think the fan noise is the worst issue, it can drown a lot of details.

I don't think a normal closed back headphone will have nearly enough isolation for your purpose.

ANC or headphones meant for Drummers / working, basically just hearing protection earmuffs with drivers in them, also i think some IEM's have very good noise isolation.

I think the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro is considered to have good noise isolation for headphones, according to Sennheiser they should provide up to 32 dB ambient noise attentuation. I am not sure how they measure headphone's isolation since i feel they always fall short compared to hearing protection earmuffs with the same rating of dB.


How important would the sound quality be?


I am not exactly sure if this helped at all. 

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Trust me, anything helps, and thanks for the info.


I'm unsure about the requirements for sound quality to be honest, I will have more info next week I hope, but since it has to do mainly with pure voice, not music or anything, I don't think it's essential to have an outstanding quality overall. Maybe an analytical and neutral sound would help I guess. 

From what I know it's all about detecting any "unwanted" noise recorded during registration or that appears during montage and voice effect application.


I'm unsure how the HD 380 Pro rate as far as sound isolation go, but it didn't seem impressive. For sure it's nowhere near as good as my ANC cans or even my Brainwavz B2 IEM when I use the "sponge" tips. (Actually the B2 might be a good idea lol)

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