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JH-5 vs DT770

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Hey guys,
I'm new to the world of pro audio and I'm trying to settle on my first pair of JH IEMs for live band violin/vocal performance and for casual listening.

When I jumped from Bose AE2 to the DT770s (80 ohms) I was really surprised to hear the clarity and detail that I had been missing my entire life. I had never owner a pair of studio headphones before and it was like a curtain had been drawn back.
Compared to the DT770s, what can I expect from the JH5 and some of the midrange models (up to the JH11) out of my Iphone 5? I haven't been able to find any similar comparisons on any forums...
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Shameless bump.

I think I will be going with the JH5 due to budget constraints. I really don't want to be disappointed. How do you owners think it stacks up against $200-$300 headphones?
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I enjoyed my jh5s a lot probably as much as my hd600s, though I really like the JH tuning

I don't think you'll regret your choice
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