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Sennheiser HD25 SP

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Hi Everyone,


I have a pair of Sennheiser HD25 SPs and became sick of breaking cables and ordering costly replacements. I decided to construct my own custom using Mogami cable and the Cardas Sennheiser plugs. I had never seen these plugs used on the SP version of these headphones (only HD 25 and other Senn models) and I was assured by a Cardas rep that they would indeed fit the SP version.


After building the cable I realised that they worked but the fit wasn't quite right and they (annoyingly) always came loose and fell out of the socket.


I couldn't seem to find any other options in terms of Sennheiser plugs.


I gave up and moved on... Until just now I spotted this old classified add which seems to show these black Sennheiser plugs being used on a pair of HD 25 SPs. Is anyone able to tell me what these are and where I can get them?


Or could someone possibly recommend an alternative??


Thanks in advance.



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The thread title sez it's an HD-650 cable.

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Originally Posted by MisterX View Post


The thread title sez it's an HD-650 cable.

Oh god. I'm an idiot for not properly reading the listing. Thanks MisterX.


Before I go ahead and order one, can anyone please confirm that the plugs on this cable are a nice tight fit on the SP version??

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Can't say I have ever had a problem but I can see how others might (the cable doesn't "lock into" the housing the same way it does on the HD580s, HD600s or HD650s).

Dunno if another picture will help or not....


This may be another option to explore---------> 

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Great, thanks MisterX


As long as the don't fall at with the lightest tug on the cable, which is what the Cardas ones seem to do.

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