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Got my new AKG K167 today~~

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I just got a new AKG K167 today from B&H. Some quick thoughts:


1. Price has been reduced a lot to $104 and including the taxes it is $113. Amazon is selling it for $98 but I don't want to wait for shipping.


2. I opened the box immediately after I checked out. I was nervous about the defects. I carefully examine the hinges that many are broken. Mine looks alright but indeed looks fragile.


3. Like many say, the ear cushion is thin. Overall building quality is not that good, no wonder the price drops to $100.


4. Originally I wanted to buy AKG K545 so I went to Harmon Kardon flagship store. But after I listened to it, I decided to stay put. It's not bad, just not that good I was expecting. Also I tried JBL SRX700, it is more satisfying than K545.


So I bought this K167. To my dead ear, I cannot see K545 is significantly better than it. And the price is $250 vs $100. I am not regret buying it. 


Btw, I like Sennheiser HD8 DJ most when I tried out at B&H.

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But to be fair, your K145 and K545 have two different intentions.  One is a DJ headphone, the other more focused on a closed headphone for portable use with a microphone with a sound more similar to AKG's studio phones.

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