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Closed headphones for <$200

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After searching through many past threads on this topic and reading countless reviews my head is starting to spin with more and more options being discovered all the time!  I thought I'd make a thread with my personal preferences, if any members of the community could take the time to offer their recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.




Excellent mids

Accurate bass but with good extension

Easy to drive


Deal breakers:

Ear-piercing/annoying highs

Overly bright


Pluses (but not required):

Collapsible/easy to transport




My home setup are the DT-880 600 ohm with a Litte Dot Mk3 amp.  I like that setup, but for these headphones I would like something that's maybe a bit less analytical with punchier bass and a warm sound signature.  I will be using these at work where I mainly listen to instrumental hip-hop/ambient/down tempo stuff.

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AKG K550

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shure SRH840?

Originally Posted by Crzomgwtf View Post

AKG K550

K550 imo are on the bright side and if you tone the volume down, the bass can get really thin. the mids are godly though (for the price)

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Thanks for the input so far.  The Shure SRH840 looked very appealing but the only thing I'm worried about is the reviews here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/shure-srh840 where the mid/low-highs are described as being annoying.  The only other thing is it seems like they used to go for about $130 but now I can only find them for $200, although it seems like a lot of the cans I've been looking at have become more expensive recently.

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Ultimate Ears 6000. Powered ANC, but not a problem. Can be found on NCIX for 130 or less.
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Soundmagic HP100 - checks all the boxes, can be found for $150 or under.
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The Soundmagic HP100s look great.  Another pair I've come across that isn't very well known is the Yamaha HPH-MT220, does anyone know anything about those?  So far it's probably between the SRH840 and the HP100.

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I'm in the same situation as you, I've just pulled the trigger on the Beyer DT1350. Can be found at Amazon for $199, even though it retails for much higher than that.

It meets all your requirements easily, which is exactly what I was looking for too - a light, comfortable portable headphones that does not necessitate an amp to sound good.
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Are you looking for cans only or IEM could be an option?

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Cans only.  I also have a pair of Etymotic Research ER4P that I travel with.  The thing that I don't like about them is that it's annoying to remove and replace them if someone starts talking to you or something.  Also even with Comply foam tips they cause my ears to feel itchy after an hour or so of listening, so they become extremely uncomfortable for extended periods of time.

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I think the Audio Technica M50s are worth looking into.  Because they are monitor headphones, the sound is very neutral and the bass is incredibly accurate.  The overall sound quality is good, and it does a good job with all genres.  It is also collapsible, and can withstand a lot of abuse due to their excellent build quality.  Also, you can get them for around $150

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I've had the M50s, and it was a good pair of cans but it didn't fit my tastes since it had recessed mids. If you have small ears, the Over-ear momentums can be found for around $200 or less on the classifieds. The sound is more towards the warm side, and it is very light with very good build quality. However, they aren't collapsible.

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Unfortunately I don't have small ears, they're probably medium-large (I guess lol).  Recessed mids are a big no for me, although the current price of the M50S ($110) is extremely enticing.  Thank you all for the input so far.

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There are plenty of reviews and discussion posts about the M50s on this website alone. Do some research and see if its for you.  Also I'm sure you can find a store that has a floor model to test out, they are becoming increasingly popular.  

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Thanks again for the recommendations.  I will probably pull the trigger on the SoundMAGIC HP100 for $200 later today depending on any other information I come across.

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