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Hi all, I was going to get my first pair of nice headphones and had decided on the ATH-50X cause I really like the limited edition blue color and they seemed to get good reviews.  But in doing some further reading, most everyone tends to recommend the DT770's over the AT's, so that's where I'm headed now.


Are the 80Ohm versions a good middle ground?  I listen mostly to rock like 311, GreenDay, etc but can also slow it down a little and listen to stuff like Phish, Passenger, and Bastille.  I'd like something that can be used at my desk with am amp (thinking about the Schnitt Magni amp) as well as amp-less with a android phone or laptop.   If everything goes according to plans, these will be my stepping stone and I'll also purchase a set of open headphones like the HD650's or HR-400's eventually.


Anyway, just curious if the DT770-80 was the right choice for me.  Also, any idea why the 80's are like $230 and the 32's and 250's are in the $180's?



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Would sure appreciate a reply on this one guys.  $200 is a lot for a first set of headphones and I just want to make sure I'm buying the right ones?

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