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Headphones for mixing

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post on head-fi, but I've been looking around the forum for the past 3 weeks reading reviews for headphones to mix with.
So here's my situation : I live in an appartment and produce music. Unfortunately, my room is not configured well at all, and I live with another person, so using monitors for producing music just isn't possible.
Hence, I made my way over to headphones. I've been using Technics RPDH-1200 to produce, which I know are inadequate, so I recently started searching for headphones.
After all the reading, it mainly came down to the K701 and a few other headphones. However, I don't understand how people call certain headphones 'flat' and better for mixing than the 701 when their frequency response graph is less flat than the latter.
Most notably, I've read that the KRS KNS 8400s translate well into mixes, but their frequency response curve isn't that flat at all, and I'm not sure whether I'll be over-emphasizing parts of my mix.
If anybody has any suggestions concerning these or other phones, feel free to comment !

Thanks in advance.

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