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Hearphone for fiio x3

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Hello mate i need your help ...

first time sorry for my enghish...

i need buy a heaphones for my fioo x3

now i use fiio whit sony mh1c

but now i like try new experience whit headphones

i like open sound , more detail voice and high basshead

i love pop and rock music

bass not invasive

under 180$


i heave read more tread and now i am very confused


whic is the best ?


audio techica m50x

Yamaha pro300/400


Philips fidelio ?


other ?


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Look into the Shure SRH840. It has sweet midrange, right amount of bass. The X3 should be a good pair with it.


Hope it helps!

Billson :)

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ohhhh good idea .... but is portable o only home use ?

you know the Martin Logan Mikros 90 ?

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