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For Sale: DX90 with 64 Jiggabite card

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For Sale:
DX90 with 64 Jiggabite card

Will Ship To: US/Canada

Hey guys, up on the chopping block is the extra special Dual Sabre equipped DX90 for $380 shipped. You can cover the obligatory 3% fees or you can simply gift me the cashish.


I'm the second owner and I've subjected them to about I dunno... 5 hours of listening? It's spent the majority of the time sitting on my desk while I fondle the Hugo. Anywho, the player's in excellent condition, it'll come with all accessories, including a 64 jibbabyte card jampacked with vidya game soundtracks, and animu and plastic pop muzak cause I never even bothered to clear the card. Ever found yourself thinkin, "I sure wish I could spin up some sweet ass Bruno Mars tunes straight out of the box"? No? Well you totally could do that if you felt like it. It's added value! 


Sizzling hot pics available upon request 

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