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Hello I am looking into getting some new iems. I love everything about my hf5 and re400 iems except when listening to bass heavy music they suffer. I have tried bass heavy iems and they lack the clarity and accuracy.

I go my jokers iem list and saw my re400's score a 9.0 and the etymotic hf5's score an 8.8 so I want this accuracy but with more of a kick but only when the music requires it. I use an HTC One m8 as my DAP and occasionally use my pc for music but not as much.

Do I need an amp to get the bass I want or do I need new iems? I purchased the tdk ba200's but they still lack the bass I want when listening to certain genres. Any recommendations for under 150-200$? Accuracy is important as well as sound stage.

Thanks so much.