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Headphone Suggestions for producing

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I'm new to producing, and I am looking to purchase my first over-ear headphones to use in this process.  I will attempt to give you guys a clear picture of what music I am looking to arrange, as well as my budget and restrictions to help narrow the search. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions that are provided!


Music style: "Trap" (Don't worry, I don't necessarily enjoy the in your face samples and stuff that characterizes the genre today. Basically you won't find me listening to Turn Down For What or anything like that). The artists that provide me the most inspiration include the likes of: Mr. Carmack, Samuel Truth, Esta, Dilla, Flying Lotus, etc. (I hope you've heard of some of these fellas)


Budget: $100-$200


Notes: I'm looking for headphones with an even mix, so that I can produce with tasteful leveling.  I wear glasses most of the time, and will probably be sitting at the computer for multiple hours at a time, so comfort is a factor.  I plan to purchase a Maschine Mikro as well as a simple 25-key MIDI key board in the near future so that I can get the show on the road, so if you have any tips or suggestions about those things, it would be appreciated as well.


This is my first post on Head-Fi, so I don't really know how this works or even if I'll receive a response, but I can't wait for your feedback! Thanks to all.



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Not sure how well your source is. At that price point, I enjoy the KRK KNS 8400.


Regardless of what you go with, pick something with high sensitivity so you can drive it off bunch of gear.

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Thanks for the response Zoom25,


I've been researching all day, and haven't seen the KRKs mentioned, but I know that they make amazing monitor speakers for producing. These seem to be a good option for me, but I was wondering if you or anyone knows how they stack up against Audio Technica ATH-M40x, which seem to be the front runner based on reviews that I've seen.


Also, what amps/gear would you recommend for me if I went with the KRKs or even the ATHs?


My laptop is an MSI Ge70 apache Pro-061 if that matters... I have no clue what soundcard it has, and can't seem to find that spec anywhere.

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Go for the KNS 8400. It's one of the most truest sounding headphones out there at it's price. I'm not a big fan of the ATH's. Maybe go and audition the DT770.
At that $100-$200 price, I really like the 8400. For studio use, at different price ranges, I used the following: KNS 8400, Denon AH-D2000, Audeze LCD-2 and Audeze LCD-3. So a few stuff from $100-$2000.
I'd really try to audition as much as possible. As far as sound cards go, you'll need to use an external dac and amp. The built in convertors on laptops aren't that ideal.
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