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In-Ear for gaming event

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Okay, I know what responses I'm going to get right away -- don't use in-ears for gaming, they're bad, etc.

I'm more than aware, I use my DT770's normally for closed headphones, and my DT990's or HD598's for open for gaming. 


The issue is that, the last LAN event I played in, my DT770's still didn't give me enough noise cancellation around me, so while obviously I love the soundstage of DT770's, not being able to hear a thing with how many people were around me wasn't ideal either.


I'm not looking to spend more than $50 on these, I just need something with decent quality that will allow me to have in-ears so I can block out the noise around me and actually just play the game at the event.


I have no interest in over the ears for this, I really just need them for LAN events.

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More critical than the actual IEM you chose, is the tips.

I find that memory foam tips block out more sound than the usual silicone variety (single or double flange).


Might be worth considering allowing for some of these into your budget, but it might be a bit more challenging to get the correct size.

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