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How To Learn Battlefield 4?

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Hi everyone,


Just bought it this weekend  – traded in CoD Ghosts - figured 7 months was enough time for them to fix the glitches. The game is somewhat daunting to learn, but that's why I like it more than Call Of Duty or Titanfall thus far. I got sick of CoD and Titanfall because they're so simple and repetitive gameplay wise, but Battlefield is giving me a lot to learn in a good way. I have the Xbox One version. 


My question is - How do you learn this game, both mechanically (e.g., "How do you revive a teammate?') and strategically? I wish they included a "Boot Camp" function ala TitanFall.


Basically, any good Tutorials on the net on the game you recommend?

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I would think there would be endless video tutorials on YouTube. Also the game website might be of help. There should be large chat rooms on Xbox also that may be of help. Good luck
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I'll regurgitate what kh600rr and put the emphasis on Youtube videos. You can basically search anything you're not sure on and there is bound to be a video to help you on it.


In addition, some of the more well known Youtubers like LevelCap, Matimio, Xfactor, etc, all have fairly good beginner tips videos.


Having said that, your best bet is to just get a bunch of games under your belt. Don't worry if you're getting out gunned at the start, like you said, people have been playing this for a while now. Also one of my tips in general is to not be too concerned with stats like K/D, SPM, or Skill, since they are easily swayed by certain play styles (e.g. if you stick to Rush or TDM/Domination game types).


The first thing I would probably focus on is just getting used to the way weapons behave in this game. Get used to the recoil patterns of the starter weapons and firing in controlled bursts. Get your sensitivity set up to suit you, and get a few hours of game time in (maybe stick to a bit of TDM to get you started). Also of note is that there is a test range where you can practice with weapons and vehicles which is quite handy.

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