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Singapore June 2014 Meet  

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The Singapore Head-Fi meet was held at Scape on 22nd June. Besides members who brought their audio rigs, we had vendors who were only too glad to showcase their latest and best offerings. I brought a Dynalo amp, desktop O2+ODAC, Audio Technica AD2000, Sony MDR-CD900ST and Astell & Kern AK120.


Now let's have some photos!


First few tables to set up



Little Dot Mk.VIII SE



Tube goodness



Auditioning, start!



Vendors setting up



Vendor with Audexe, Hifiman, Burson Audio and UE Customs.





iFi Audio and Sennheiser setup. Very zen-like.



Presenting the Noble Customs



Packing heat






Wooden and metallic headphones



DIY hands-on in session



Some of the headphone parts were 3D printed.






Frankenphone with Grado headband and pads, Magnum drivers and 3D-printed cups, pretty cool



Schiit and Alpha Dogs



Dita Audio booth



Utterly engrossed



The Audio Technica HA22Tube Project



Go-Pro is watching



Audio-Gd brothers: NFB-10.2 and DAC-19



Leica shooter



Leica Beauty



Getting crowded



Gorgeous Audio Technica woodie


Shiny metal



Limited edition woodie



A tube to power them all






McIntosh man! McIntosh!


Denon sounds good



So do the Ultrasones



Not to mention the HD800s



Trying out the Rhines customs



Dear Santa, I'll be a good boy if you get me these JH Roxannes



Customs represent! Rhines, Noble, 1964-Ears, Custom Art, Vison Ears and Ultimate Ears



Dual-wielding headphones



Valhalla 2



Schiit stack: Lyr 2 and Bifrost


Oppo HA-1



Smiles all round





Some meet impressions:


Audio-Gd DAC-19, Little Dot Mk.VIIISE and modded HD800


The HD800s had a stock cable, but additional padding was inserted and the mesh screen removed. As a fellow HD800 owner with TWag v2 cable, I wondered what such mods would do. Well, I was treated to a very sweet and luscious midrange, with the immaculate soundstaging and clarity untouched. Color me very impressed. Sometimes I feel that the HD800's midrange is a bit too neutral for my liking, but this mod cures that.


Oppo PM-1 and HA-1


There is a lot of hype surrounding these new products from Oppo. The planar-magnetic PM-1 were light and comfortable, and the HA-1 impressed me with its sheer flexibility and wide range of inputs. I hooked up my AK120 to the HA-1 via optical output and had a go. Together, they put out a very smooth, detailed and immersive performance. This setup really excels at jazz, R&B and soul with a dark, smooth signature. However PRaT and treble were slightly reigned in, as a result guitar riffs were somehow lacking in bite and presence. The HA-1 with my Sony CD900ST sounded similar as well. Still, for the price it put out a great performance that made me want to kick back and relax.


Chord Hugo


Can something this tiny put out wold-class performance in a portable package? I was sceptical when I saw it hooked up to the LCD-X with no amp, but all preconceptions were quashed when playing the DSD version of Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory. Man this thing can drive the Audeze really well! Bass was authoratative and well controlled, the treble was just right and the detail retrieval was top notch. The Hugo is a pricey little thing, but the end result really justifies the cost.


McIntosh MHA100


Six months ago, I had the pleasure of trying out the D100 digital preamplifier from the same company at last year's Head-Fi meet. This time the MHA100 arrived. One really cool feature it has was selectable output impedance in 8-40, 40-150 and 150-600 ohm settings, meaning that it'll handle almost anything you throw at it (we had no AKG K1000s to try). And what a show it put on. Whether it was my AD2000, CD900ST or the HD800, the MHA100 drove them effortlessly with world-class performance. And those two blue power meters were mesmerising to watch as they dance to the music. Fed via USB from a Macbook Pro, I was struggling to identify any sonic faults with this setup, but gave up. The McIntosh truly was the star player in the meet.


And that's a quick report. Hopefully the rest of the attendees can chime in as well. I was glad to see fellow attendees having similar interest in cameras as someone brought a Leica M8 with 35mm Summicron, and I had a good chat with a fellow film shooter. Watch-Fi was represented with a Rolex Submariner, two Panerai Luminor Marinas, an Omega Speedmaster Professional Pre Moon and a Seiko Tuna 6159 "non m". As Singapore Head-Fi is hoping to host biannual headphone meets, look forward to the next one at the end of this year.

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Thank you for sharing!

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hope to join the next event!

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Santa isn't coming early this year for me frown.gif
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How does the MHA 100 sounds? Is it worth the uprgrade from D100?

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Excellent post and photos bro.
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Looks like an awesome meet. Impressions people, bring forth your findings! biggrin.gif
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Try to see whether the Denons are D5Ks or D7Ks (light tan-color cups point more to D5K?).  Denon shot themselves in the foot big time...   

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Yup my impressionals of MSAK 100 and 120 are here:)
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Excellent meet! Big thanks and Kudos to the organizer!

Hopefully will have more time to hang around and to try more gears on the next meet.
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Looks awesome! I missed this! I will keep myself updated on the meets in Singapore threads! Wasted!

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thanks for organising.

totally blown away by the McIntosh!!
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Originally Posted by delrosa81 View Post

Looks awesome! I missed this! I will keep myself updated on the meets in Singapore threads! Wasted!


99.99% there will be another one in december

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