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Ostry KC06..... New Budget King ?



I would like to preface this review by saying that i am by no means an expert and this is a review mady by a bored and broke college boy.

Lets get started


I found these on, they seemed good so i decided to check them out. I could not be happier with my decision.


For the summary Skip to the end.









The Packaging is very minimalistic, giving the product a classy and elegant look. the outer box made of black foam material and a white cardboard box that holds the headsets. The actual headsets come in a foam cutout.




There is a mesh to protect it from earwax, which is a nice touch



I very much like the aesthetics and sense of style of this earphone. it looks fancy and not too over the top. if im not wrong there is also a gold version of these.






These come with a soft carrying pouch, a pair of earhooks and six sets of tips ( Three soft and three hard tips ). The pouch is made of velvet material which was quite good, quality wise. the downside is that these are nowhere near big enough for the headsets. making it difficult to fit the headset with the earhooks into the pouch. I feel like i am trying to stuff a turkey into a can . ( badum tuss ). Bad jokes aside it is passable.



Comfort and Fit


This area is not where these headsets shine. While the materials that they are made of is fantastic, they are not comfortable. they need a little bit of meddling to get a good fit. the quality of the housings and the ear hooks are excellent. the wire is very sturdy. it does not seem too thick nor does it seem thin. there is absolute zero microphonics and i commend these for that. ( could have had flat cables but hey, these are only mid range).


The major downside to these headsets in terms of fit is the noise isolation . it is barely passable. it avoids being called poor but is lesser than average. you can hear a lot of the ambient noise rfrom the surroundings. However the noise fades away once you start the music. And once you start the music you just cant stop.


Sound Quality


This is what we want to know about the most, Dont we ? So far these seem to be astounding.


Bass : These are not for the bass heads nor are these for those looking for low bass. they in my opinion are just right. there is no bleed of bass between the regions. the low end is deep but not deep enough for listeners of hip hop and electronic. the mids shine in these IEMs. the mid bass and high end is fantastic. there is a nice thump to it. its punchy and fast. it does not lag. However as previously stated these arent for those that like there bass on the heavy or light side. these are suitable for those that want a detailed sound with a slight bass hump.


Mids : the mids and the treble are the best feature of these headsets. it is very mid forward and the voice of the singer has a nice clarity to it. they sound very lively. the detail in these is fantastic. you will be hard pressed to find Better sounding mids or treble from a headset priced at twice or thrice the price.


Treble:  Very crisp and detailed treble. there is a certain clarity to the music that is very pleasant to the ears. There is a slight sibilance to the music. very light, nothing major. it can be handled with a little EQ -ing.




These are undoubtedly the best i have heard at this price range. judging from sound quality alone it is brilliant. they make other headsets feel like trash.


the major let downs are the pouch and the noise isolation. even after all that they are one of the best headsets around to date. similarly priced headsets cant even compare to these.


The clarity of these headsets make low quality mp3s sound distorted. the high quality mp3s do just fine. however to get the best sound from these headsets FLAC files are a must.


No amp is required  for these as they are pretty sensitive. they dont need too much power to run.


Lets get to the Summary / Rating


Packaging  9/10


If there was a complaint to be made in this area its the foam type box.

Accessories 7.5/10

The pouch size was a let down. the hard tips in my opinion ruined the sound of the headsets.


Noise Isolation 6/10

I Hope that Ostry makes a remake of this product with better noise isolation. if they do i would definitely buy them


Build Quality 9/10

These are pretty sturdy. they are constructed with metal and seem like they can hold abuse. 1 point has been deducted because of the tangly wire.


Sound Quality 9.5/10

The sound quality makes it worthwhile to buy the product. Buy it . you will not regret. these are a delight to the ear. 0.5 points has been deducted for the slight sibilance


Ultimately you will not find a better sounding set for this amount. 69.50 is a steal if you factor in how these sound. However if you are a fan of fancy accessories you probably should look elsewhere. these are not for those that are looking for ear thumping bass, nor are these for the audiophile experts, they fit most genres quite well and are able to adapt to the music. Ostry says that they have developed their own type of dynamic driver called "CCAW".I dont know what it means but i do know they sound impressive.

They kill every other earphone in its budget.  In my opinion these are the new budget kings.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the review. if i have made any mistake please send me a message or reply in this thread.