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For Sale: Whiplash Audio TWAg v2 Gold OM version

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For Sale:
Whiplash Audio TWAg v2 Gold OM version

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi my friend,


Let me introduce you this great IEM cable - one of the best looking and best sounding silver cables in the whole world!

It has 99% silver with 1% gold, it sounds terrific, it looks luxury, it is probably the best and the most comfortable friend for your (C)IEM!


Unfortunately, the cable has to go. We spent some fantastic time, we enjoyed music. Now maybe it's your turn to give this twag a chance for real friendship?


This TWAg was paired with my InEar StageDiver 3, and it made SD3 a really marvelous iem: took the bass control to a new level, made sounstage clearer and wider, and SD3's slightly recessed mids showed their full beautiful potential when fed through twag. What to say about highs? they were awesome: clean, transparent, not a chance for sibilance.


I'm willing to send this beauty wherever you want. Fees and shipping on you.


Unfortunately, I'm not a photographer (I've spent my camera money on hifi-m8 ha-ha)

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